The Best Podcast on iTunes – The James Altucher Show

In 2014, James and his podcast were recognized by HuffPost in an article titled “The Best Podcast on iTunes — The James Altucher Show.”

The author, who considers Altucher “part of the most important change in communication since Guttenberg invested the printing press,” highlights what makes Altucher’s podcast special.

“Altucher is not a “mainstream” guru… He’s a former hedge fund manager and a chess champion with a good story that people can relate to,” writes Khan. “The thing that set Altucher apart was the following he had in social media and via his blog.”

The author argues that without the rise of the internet and social media outlets, individuals like James wouldn’t have a voice. He’d be filtered by gatekeepers and we as listeners and readers would be at a loss.

For the full article, click here.

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