It just dawned on me while commenting on your post that deliberate ignorance = enlightenment. What do you think?

perry ‏ @pierreJaune: it just dawned on me while commenting on your post that deliberate ignorance = enlightenment. what do you think?


The words “deliberate ignorance” is still mental masturbation. We have to think about what it means. Even the word “enlightenment” is something argued about among religious academics and debated among seekers but not finders.

Who knows what enlightment is. But it’s not a word, or a state of mind. The mind is just an earth-made machine with neurons and synapses and electrical impulses that were designed to maximize our chances to pro-create, reduce disease, and eat well enough to survive.

So whatever enlightenment is, it has nothing to do with “enlightenment”. It has nothing to do with the body or the brain or the heart. We have tiny tiny tiny brains compared to the mysteries of the Universe, compared to the source of all consciousness (another bullshit phrase but there it is, I used it). Our brains are so tiny and yet we spend all of our time living in them.

Sometimes I try this exercise when I’m angry. I try to be angry in the space right below my shoulders. Try it right now if you can. Think of someone you are really really angry at. Now try to be angry in that space between right underneath one of your shoulders. Pick the right one (far from the heart).

It’s weird what happens. All of a sudden my brain goes crazy. It says, “HEY! I’m over here. What are you doing over there? You’re not supposed to be angry over there!”

Your brain is not your friend. It wants you to think think think. To live in it. To suck the energy out of you. Don’t do it. Don’t think of the esoterical of “enlightenment”. That’s just as bad as being angry all the time. Just make sure you’re alive and breathing. Give up and surrender everything else because that’s just brain-stuff. Its the cobwebs we start to spin from birth on.

Give up. Surrender. Give up in your tiny brain. Then explore what’s left.