Is there such a thing as righteous anger? (Example, being outraged at Joe Paterno)

Is there such a thing as righteous anger? (Example, being outraged at Joe Paterno) –@Theopaulson

Anger and fear are twins out of the same evil womb. “Righteous” anger only dresses it up in pretty clothes.

Example, a lot of the Occupy X crowd (both the protesters and the police) are being fueled by anger. There is over 1,000 documented cases of violence, antisemitism, anger on both sides. Both sides feel righteous.

The USA felt righteous when it invaded Afghanistan. Thousands of civilian (and 18 year old military people) deaths later and ten years later we’re still there. Did our righteous convictions win? Do we feel better now? Is the world safer? Less corrupt?

I can’t thing of any case where anger is righteous or justified. Let’s say your boss yells at you, for instance? Should you get angry back? That’s probably the easiest strategy if you want to get fired. But you’re never going to win an argument against someone who is angry.

Best thing is to walk away and then come back and talk when he is more rational, or quit if he is permanently irrational, or just do the best job you can with a horrible boss.

Let’s say your spouse cheats on you. Will your anger be justified? It wont’ change the past. You should then figure out what the best thing to do is? Move out? Divorce? Address the issues that caused the betrayal (it always takes two to tango so no reason to get angry when you also are at fault).

Fear, jealousy, anger, envy are all mirrors of each other. Better to calm those tendencies, to be aware of them (being aware of anger is the easiest way to change it from a flame to a simmer), and use these techniques to restore health in every way.

I know from my own experience: anger has led to me getting fired, having bad ideas, not completing things, not sleeping, wasting moments when I could’ve been happy, building bad businesses, and on and on. Better to avoid, no matter how “righteous.”