Is there anything you’ve revealed that you regretted later?

Shiuan Butler ‏@ShiuanButler: I’m a revealing blogger as well– wondering if there’s anything u’ve revealed that u regretted later..?


Yes. I’ve regretted almost everything I’ve revealed on the blog. In almost every blog post, sooner or later, someone somewhere brings it up in some way out of context that tries to damn me. The worst was when a vile but popular reporter who i was friends with inexplicably twisted my words out of context and encouraged over a thousand people to send me hate messages and trash me all over the place, causing a lot of problems for me that subsided almost instantly because i ignored him. Butstill, I felt hurt and still do else i wouldn’t be writing this. The things that hurt us most are not the people who live on the other side of the world, but thepeople who know us best, who are the most jealous, who have their own personal problems, and use that alltogether to boil a concoction of hate.

Every day ithappens.

So why reveal anything? If you don’t reveal, then the world has nothing new from you. I don’t invent big inventions. What I have to offer is myexperiences and whatI’ve learned from them. Some of them embarassing. Some of them painful. Someof them too revealing. these are my secrets i tell the world. And in doing so, create intimacy with the readers, with peoplewho needthatintimacy, with epople whoneed to know that there’snoshame in failure, or troubles, or problems, or disgraces. Somethings are horrible to reveal. But if you aren’t afraid to reveal it, then don’t write it.

I read your blog. You’re brave about what you reveal. Sex, relationships, interracial fetishes, and so on. These are topics everyone has issues with. Everyone has questions that we fightthrough life trying to find the answers for. By revealing about yourself, you help these people answer those questions. If you didn’t reveal about yourself – if you just ranted your opinion without sharing real intimacy then you are back in the “99%”, the people who are afraid to create, to innovate, tohelp, to standout, to love others enough to give something that’s hard to give away.