Is the world all about business? How does environmental conservation prosper since it’s not “profitable”?

YYogini ‏ @YYogini: Is the world all about business? How does environmental conservation prosper since it’s not “profitable”?


The world is certainly not all about business. But let’s take a step back. The world, among other things, is a collection of individuals. You and I are individuals.

What are we about? Are we about business? The world will ultimately be about what the entire collection is about.

As trade goes up, as innovation and technology increase our access to the normally difficult parts of living on this planet (energy, health, food per unit gets cheaper every century since the dawn of time), then it will be easier for you, me, others to pursue spiritual questions: what does it mean to be happy? “Who” is actually feeling the happiness? Who are we, deep down.

Business is a tool for allowing us to not have to battle the forces of nature every day. Only occasionally is creating wealth about luxury, but for many it’s about freedom.

You bring up environmental concerns. But free trade helps with that also. I’ll bring it up in the context of natural disasters. The recent earthquakes in Japan and Haiti. One country economically developed. The other one not. Which one survived the best. Which one had the less deaths per capita. The economically developed one did.

The same thing will happen with the environment. As long as there is no government interference, US entrepreneurs are constantly seeking out newer, cheaper, faster ways to create better alternative fuels. Don’t worry about whether or not its profitable. It will be. Technology that is needed always gets cheaper and cheaper. Don’t worry so much. Right now, make sure you are breathing ok. Make sure your heart isn’t stressed. Make sure you aren’t obsessing over issues you have no control over. Then take a deep breath. Enjoy your day.