Is it wrong to like someone more than yourself?

@nitisha_jha: it is wrong to like someone more than yourself.


You can’t like someone more than you like yourself. You are all you know. Everyone else is a projection of how you feel about yourself. Eventually, your own fears and hatreds of yourself will come out in the way you view others. No matter what you do.

I am a virtual test tube laboratory experiment on this. I see it every day. Someone is happy. Someone is beaten by their parents or they were peed on by the elementary school buddies and then what do they do 40 years later? They try to pee on me. In comments sections all over the “world wide web”. The triple-dub. Sometimes in the darkest recesses of message boards hidden away by passwords and six levels of verification there are people calling me an “ugly loser who is a shitty writer who doesn’t have a decent thing worth saying”. I know this because I care too much what people think (see above).

But whatever.

I can say this: you can’t meet love unless you love yourself. You can’t be happy at your job, unless you love yourself. You can’t be fully healthy unless you love yourself. Which is why I think this post is so important. I’m jealous of Kamal for coming up with such a good, clean message. But he’s right.