Is greed good?

Is greed good? –@tradefast

The phrase “greed is good” has become a cliché for periods of excess like the 80s or the mid 00s, where real characters like Ivan Boesky or fictional characters like Gordon Gekko use it as an excuse for their own illegal activities.

However, don’t believe the hype. Don’t just watch TV or read the newspaper headlines and nod your head with everyone else: “They are all out to get me with their stupid greed.”

I have greed to make money. I want to feed my family. I want them to have shelter. I want to be able to afford if they get sick. Furthermore, I might want to start new companies, or create new jobs, or work on other ideas and innovations instead of working as a salesclerk in the Verizon store (as the guy who caught Derek Jeter’s ball did, and he then handed the ball back for free instead of taking the potential $250,000 offered).

Greed is good if you are good.