Is being “risk adverse” a pathological character flaw?

Is being “risk adverse” a pathological character flaw? –@noahlz

The total opposite! Let’s say you hire someone who loves every kind of risk. He smokes crack and screws hookers on the weekends. He power skis on his days off. He gambles all his money in Las Vegas on his vacations.

How long will this employee last? How long will he even be alive? Not very long.

I’ve been involved in startups for the past 17 years or so. The best startups had every risk planned and accounted for before the business even started. The best entrepreneurs avoid risk, are scared of it, plan for it. Nobody wants risks. They want easy money. The way to get easy money is to have the most noble character trait of all: being risk averse.

It’s more risky to stay at the standard corporate job, living out your life afraid of your boss, your mortgage, the economy, stocks, your 401k, and all the other things you are scared of. I hate being scared.