I hear people I work with complaining about “work-life balance” what are they really saying?

Paul Voss ‏ @Dafmaster: i hear people i work with complaining about “work-life balance” what are they really saying?


I hated my job. I used to close my office door and either play games on the computer or work on a novel. I would then leave at 5pm on the nose and meet up with my friends. My excuse, I wanted to keep my “work-life balance” sane. But the reality is I hated my job.Eventually I quit and did something much more fun.

Right now, my work-life balance is a little off. I have about 14 irons in the fire. It’s too much. I can feel it and it makes me unhappy. So unless I want damage to my relationships, my health, my life, my kids, my marriage, my writing, etc I need to cut out some irons.

Every day ask your body, “how are you feeling?” Is there something bothering you in the chest? In the stomach? A little nagging feeling. It could be that work-life balance thing that’s telling you you need to slow down.

There won’t be any punishment for slowing down. In fact, there will be only abundance. The less you do, the more you will be creative, the more opportunities will come your way, the more you will be able to get rid of the low-paying irons and replace them with high paying irons.

So when someone complains their work-life balance is off, they need to shake everything up. They need to eliminate things. if they don’t or if they say, “I can’t right now”, that’s fine. But they will lose money, energy, creativity, friends, relationships, and so on. Your body is already telling you what to do. Do it.