I didn't finish college. Sometimes I feel I don’t have what it takes because I didn’t finish.

I didn’t finish college. Sometimes I feel I don’t have what it takes because I didn’t finish. –@AlfredSureAndCo

Don’t doubt yourself. college would not have given you the tools to finish your task. only experience will.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t give “I didn’t finish college” as an excuse. We can go through the list of people who didn’t finish college (Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, Ellison, and on and on) who managed to find a little bit of success in their lives.

Here’s what college teaches: How to take a test. How to show up on time for a test. How to continue to socialize with the same people you’ve socialized with for the prior twelve years only this time you are without parental supervision for the first time in your life. And…that’s about it.

Now you need to learn how to learn. They don’t teach that in college. You need how to take life apart and put it back together again. They forget about that class in college. Even though it happens again and again after you graduate.

The key benefits of not finishing college:

– You have a head start on other experiences in life

– You’re not in as much debt as your peers

– Failure is hard to find in college. You can find it more quickly outside of college and learn to bounce back from it.

– Stories. You will have more of them. Create a lot of stories in your life. They all go in a filing cabinet in your mind. You can refer back to them when you need them. And they cost you less to accumulate them while you are young. I envy you the stories you will tell.

I have excuses also. I got into too much debt in college. I wasted too much time in college. I took the wrong courses, majored in the wrong subject, didn’t become an entrepreneur early enough, never traveled the world when I was young. I graduated college, went to graduate school, and finally was thrown out, forever diminishing my ego.

I can use these as excuses an d often I did. But you won’t have to.