How would you end poverty and war?

Jordan Phoenix ‏@jphoenix24: If you had an unlimited budget of time, money & manpower, how would you end poverty and war?


The first step to to end poverty and war is for the richest, most successful, most militarily powerful country in the world to take the first step. (That means the US).

There’s more than enough food to feed all the people in the world. The problem is that corrupt governments have leaders that siphon off all the money a country generates and takes the money for themselves, their relatives, and their friends. The Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia are notorious for this. We let them do it. We’re like the kid in school (uhh, we are like how when I was a little kid in school) who thinks he has to pay people to be his friends.

The best thing we can do with people is simply trade with them. End sanctions wherever we have them. Don’t give foreign aid but allow companies to trade with each other. There’s no reason to give foreign aid to a country with a leader that is just going to pocket it. We don’t need to pay people to be our friend. But if the people in those countries are allowed to trade with the people in our countries then barriers will go down. We’ll see that most of the 70 million Iranians are no different than the 300 million Americans who want to do business with them. We’ll see that most North Koreans are dying to do business with us. Literally.

It starts with the US opening up our trade borders. Offering to be friends where, superficially, the countries seem like they don’t want to be friends because they have corrupt leaders (Iranians, Venezuelans, Cubans, etc hate their leaders but our sanctions make us the enemy instead of the friend).

For awhile, the leaders will still be corrupt. The hands will be out. The hands will grab. But nobody goes to war with their customers. And eventually, the more dollars that flow around, the more people will get fed.