How to find humor or be funny when doing a presentation?

How to find humor or be funny when doing a presentation? -@PriscillaPWood

The most important thing: be self-deprecating. I have one slide in a presentation, for instance, where right before I turn to it I say, “The last time I drove a car there was unfortunately a photographer present” And then I go this slide:

And then people laugh. Come up with a self-deprecating joke every other slide. Talk about bad relationships. People relate to self-deprecation and bad relationships.


We live in a falsely perfect world. Everyone lies and says they’re perfect in some way or other. I see this in the financial space or even the self-help space most of all. But nobody is perfect. Everyone has problems. Everyone has low points. Everyone has failed, has sacrificed, has cried, and has done stupid things. Do be open about yours and people will relate and find it funny. And then love you for giving them permission to fail also.

Ultimately your talk is not about your topic, but about making people feel better about themselves and the world around them. Also, see “11 Unusual Methods to Be a Great Presenter”