How to deal with regret?

croyde ‏ @croydeman James , read your post on Regret it was such a help – after the toughest few weeks in my life. thanks but I keep on slipping back


I’m sorry to hear about these tough weeks. A week or a day can be a tough for a variety of reasons. You can hurt your arm for instance but did you really hurt YOU? Your heart can be broken or you can lose your job but did this really hurt the internal you?

I regret things every day. I lost tens of millions not just for myself but for others. Family and friends in many cases no longer speak to me.

Regret, though, is not YOU. Regret is just a visitor. What do you do with visitors? You invite them in. You treat them nice. Perhaps you offer them a cupcake. Have a conversation. Then when the lights start to dim and everyone is tired, it’s time for Regret to leave.

Then say goodbye.