How does one move beyond the victim mindset?

There’s two questions here. Are you asking about someone else or are you asking about you?

If you are asking about someone else then there is nothing you can do. Just live a healthy life and be an example. But if they drag you down then they need to be trained. They only get the privilege of being in your presence if they are no longer constantly a victim. This doesn’t mean be cruel or selfish to them. It’s just that there’s only so much time. This moment is a precious gift that the universe has given to you. Barring special circumstances, victims don’t get to share this moment with you.

This will train them. You will be the victim-whisperer.

If you are talking about yourself then change the question from “how does one move beyond the victim mindset” to “how can I be a superhero?”

Every day, wake up and realize that you have traveled billions of light years to be in this body. You were given a mission for today. Save one life. You know the rule: give and you will receive. So be on the lookout for a life you can save. Does an old woman need help across the street? Does a friend need a call to get through a breakup or a job lost? Does your wife need help with something? Do your kids? Be a superhero every day. As soon as you stand up, “I don’t know what my mission is, but the mothership has sent me down here to save a life. So bring it on!”

Then you won’t be a victim. You will save the victims. You will save yourself.