How do you recover professionally when you’ve probably just revealed too much information publicly?

Jeremy Seth Davis ‏@jeremysethdavis: How do you recover professionally when you’ve probably just revealed too much information publicly?


You can never recover. When Pandora opened up her box: greed, lust, envy, anger, fear escaped out into the world attacking everyone and ruining society forever. You’ve ruined your life forever.

Now enjoy the results. You use the words “recover” and “reveal”. The first word implies that maybe there is a cure for some cancer that you are now stricken with. And “reveal” suggests that somehow you’ve given away some secret that nobody in their right mind would have ever said.

When I first started revealing stuff on my blog there was one point when I thought I revealed too much. I hit the publish button anyway. On twitter people were saying, “holy shit!” Another person said, “reading James Altucher is like watching a train about to be wrecked”. But then those same people were privately emailing me and saying, “you know…the same thing happened to me.”

We all are afraid to show our true selves. Society doesn’t allow it.

But the universe doesn’t want us to be afraid. The universe needs to know what it’s like to stalk, to cry, to be angry, to be afraid, to be anxious, to cut ethical corners, to be mortal and to inflict that mortality on others. To be sick from all sorts of diseases. To be envious and jealous. To be ugly. Uglier than other people could’ve thought possible.

The universe wants to learn how we recover from our own particular ugliness. Who is the Beast and who is the Prince? Who recovers and who doesn’t? We find out for ourselves in our greatest tests.

And then sometimes we have to take that test again and we think, “What the hell! I just took this test. Why am I going through it again?” And we have to learn why. We have to understand why we get into the failed relationships we do. The bankrupt businesses. The friendships that take us from the first circle of hell deeper into the fifth circle of hell.

Revealing them is just being honest. Why hide them? Don’t hurt anyone. But there’s no need to wear the costume anymore. The ball is over. Cinderella has lost her shoe. Her carriage has turned back into a pumpkin. Her beautiful dress is filled with holes. Her chauffeur is a mouse. It’s only fully revealed that she can find her prince. It’s only fully revealed that Cinderella is at her most beautiful moment.

And this is no metaphor. This is reality. Since starting my blog I have had more opportunites that I have ever had before. My entire planet has shifted on its axis. People who I always thought I could trust are no longer in my life. People I never knew before I began this blog are now among my closest friends. And opportunities I could not have expected keep knocking on my door every day.

Don’t use words like “reveal” and “recover”. You are not a thief, slinking around the righteous people all around you. You are blazing with the fire of truth. That fire will scare some people. But ultimately it will light up the sky and help you see all of the vast undiscovered planet that you have ignored for so many years when it was covered up by the darkness and the masks.