How do you do things you hate but have to do?

How do you do things you hate but have to do? –@liewmomo

There are a couple of answers now that I think more of it.

A)    Each day limit the things you do that you hate. If you hate talking to your boss, for instance, then either talk less to your boss (no social chit-chat, no extra brown-nosing chats, etc.) or Quit Your Job If you don’t want to go to a wedding then just don’t go.

B)     If you absolutely have to do something you despise, then learn something from it. Sergey Brin says he can tell in a few seconds of an interview if he is going to hire someone. But he can’t just leave the interview. So he makes sure he learns at least one thing. I often don’t want to go into New York City for meetings. But I always make sure there’s at least one adventure along the way.

C)     Stop hating so much? There are two sides to the equation: there’s the thing you ‘have to do’ and there’s the thing you ‘hate’. In the above two items we deal with how you can change what you do. But can we also change what you hate? Why do you hate it? For everything you hate, can you list some positives? I hate going on a plane. But the positive is that I’ll have an adventure in a new place. I hate when people make bad comments on any of my articles. But the positive is that I know I’m deeply affecting them and that something inside of them is forcing them to respond in a hateful way. Suddenly it becomes a pleasure to get these comments. I used to hate dating. But I knew eventually, with quantity, I would meet someone with quality.