How do you define success?

How do you define success? –@TalentedBlonde

A friend of mine had breakfast with a well-known billionaire. All the billionaire kept doing for the entire breakfast was complain about how Larry Page has $18 billion and he “only has $2 billion.”

Most people set goals and when they achieve those goals they think two things: “Wow, I’m successful!” and then… ”Wait a second. I want more!”

We have been, as a society, brainwashed into thinking that the trappings of success (money, fame, promotions at a job) will get us to happiness. We’ve been conditioned and then enslaved by the slave masters of flesh, bank accounts, vanity, and the futility of thinking we can change things, we can find a path that will fill the emptiness inside.

Success ultimately boils down to the questions we ask ourselves which are related to The Daily Practice, which I recommend:

1)     Are we physically healthy?

2)     Are we emotionally healthy? Do we surround ourselves with people we love and who love us and avoid “the dance” with the people who bring us down?

3)     Are we mentally healthy? i.e. do we generate good ideas and use those ideas to benefit ourselves and others?

4)     Are we spiritually healthy? i.e. do we have a good sense of “surrender” and use that sense to walk through life with humility, gratitude and reverence.

External success allows us the freedom to pursue these internal successes. That’s real success! And we never achieve it but always, continuously strive for it. Success is a practice.