How did you go from HBO to Hedge Funds?

How did you go from HBO to Hedge Funds? –@Hamzah81

I worked at HBO and then I inappropriately hired myself to HBO’s website. It was a success. Other companies started hiring me to do their websites because they wanted HBO’s flavor. Eventually I had to quit HBO, had millions in revenues, and sold the company.

The company I sold to was for stock. That stock multiplied by 10 and I was able to sell a lot. Then, thinking I was a genius I bought every internet stock I could find and watched them all go to zero. I lost $15 million dollars. So I had to rebuild. I was depressed and losing my home.

I wrote software to take my emotions out of the equation. The software traded automatically. The basic idea is that when a stock fell 20% or more in a day, it was usually good for a 6% pop over the next few days. I tested this statistically and it worked for me throughout all of 2001 and 2002. I sent my ideas to a few hedge fund managers and they decided to trust me with their money in managed accounts.

Note: I had no experience making websites, no experience in TV, no experience in trading, and no experience in writing for financial media. But I did it anyway. Nobody was going to tell me not to. I would not have listened.