FOREX vs Equities. Which would you rather trade?. Why?

Jason M ‏@NereusProject: FOREX vs Equities. which would you rather trade. why?


In poker there’s a saying, “if you can’t spot the fish at the table, then the fish is you”. And there’s always a fish.

So let’s see who you is at the table when you are trying to buy currencies (forex trading). There’s you. There’s Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve. There’s Saudia Arabia trying to figure out how to hedge their dollar risk when they say their next ten billion dollar worth of oil. There’s Vladmir Putin playing the foreign exchanges like they are a video game.

Just as an aside, guess what Vladmir Putin is worth? Imagine Russia is one big hedge fund, and Putin gets 20% of the profits on all money that goes in and out of there. I’d say he’s worth about about a trillion dollars personally. He’s got a team of people manipulating currencies with his trillion dollars so he can squeeze out profits every day.

And he will cut your throat ear-to-ear in a dark alley.

Then there’s you. I don’t want to call you a fish. But I hope you can swim far, far away from the sharks who will hunt you down and skin you alive.

As for stocks, “10 Reasons to Never Trade Stocks Again“.

The moral of the story: there’s no free money on Wall Street. There’s only vagabond killers and mass murderers. Be careful.