Everyone knows college sucks so why do people go?

This question was deleted so I will leave the questioner anonymous but basically the question was: Everyone knows college sucks so why do people go?


Everyone goes to college because they are brainwashed. America has a religion and its precepts are college, housing, the constitution, “Good wars”, and other things I discuss in my book “I Was Blind But Now I See

With college even my thirteen year old, who can’t even tell me who the Vice-President is, says, “But doesn’t college get you a good job?”

And my answer is: “Of course not. You’ve been brainwashed by a cult that wants all your money and I have 5 years left to deprogram you.”

Every day, constantly ask the real agenda of the people sending you messages. Trace the money. College tuitions have gone up 10x while inflation has gone up 3x since 1977. And the government gets interest on every student loan. So of course there is huge incentive to brainwash you.

I’m making a kindle single now: “40 alternatives to college”. I hope when you read it, it helps you live a better life. College is very stressful now for parents and kids to pay for. Its indentured servitude as you pay back your loans.

And if you have better title for my kindle single please tell me.

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By the way, I encourage people to even question my agenda. Why I am I doing these Q&As. I’m up on a Friday night answering these questions. It takes about 7 hours of my time. I don’t charge a dime. And within 3-4 weeks I’m going to fully open up a service that I think will help people get healthier with The Daily Practice. I won’t charge a dime.

Not because I’m so charitable. I like to make money. But I like doing this. And sometimes its good to do what you love, what helps people , and what helps me to learn as well. Because I learn so much from the community that has built around this blog.