Does honesty scare women?

Brandon Harnish ‏@bkharnish: honesty and women. What’s your experience? Does that superpower scare them? Attract? Something else?


You mention the word “superpower”. Honesty is a superpower. Most people are not honest. Maybe in the big ways they are but in the small ways they cut corners. They forget to mention something. They tell a white lie. They wear too many masks.

We all wear masks. Particularly when we first meet people. We want to be liked and we’re afraid we won’t be if we don’t act a certain way. I shouldn’t say “we”. I should say “I”.

When I first started dating after my separation from my ex-wife I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to say or do. So I told the truth. Probably too much of it. And most women thought I was crazy. One woman wanted to date me but she kept telling me her therapist thought I was “completely insane”. At least that was her excuse.

And maybe I was. On my first date with Claudia I described how when I was a kid I wanted to learn how to do astral projection so I could fly around and invisibly watch all the girls in my school undressing at night. Somehow she agreed to go on a second date with me.

So sometimes honesty will scare away people. But here’s where the power lies. Nature doesn’t lie. The universe is what the universe is. The less you lie, the more in tune with that you are. The less you lie, the more the universe will naturally bring you the things that belong in your life. This is the superpower. Don’t cut corners on honesty. Don’t be “radically honest” (where you spew vomit truths out of your mouth). Just be true to who you are. It doesn’t mean every woman will love you. Or every business deal will go your way.

It means the right woman will love you. And the right things will begin to happen in your life.