Do you think US will attack China before 2020?

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The United States owes China trillions of dollars. China lends us money by buying our treasury bills. On the flip side, using the money that China lends us, we buy Chinese goods. Chinese factories make all of our iphones, for instance. The relationship between China and the United States is symbiotic and as long as we continue to strengthen that relationship through active trade, then the relationship will be a success and the entire world will benefit.

A few months ago I went to a lunch where Jon Huntsman (former candidate for President and former Ambassador to China) and Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State who encouraged Nixon to open up relations with China) were having a discussion about what the US should do about China.

The thing I found fascinating was the different styles the young Huntsman and the older Kissinger had. Huntsman was rattling off names of the people who would be leaving the Chinese government over the next few years, the people who would be replacing them, what each person potentially meant for our future relations with China, what the political and economic views were of each person, etc. He came across as extremely knowledgeable of the intricacies of their internal government.

BUT, I found Kissinger to be more interesting. He had this macro view of China without regard to who was doing what and when and where. He said, “China doesn’t want any troubles. It will do what it needs to do to not cause any troubles with the United States. But it also doesn’t want to be told what to do.”

We can’t tell China what to do. We can only work with it while they work with us. There will never be an invasion by the US of China. What would be the point? Would we take over their country? Look how well that worked for us in Iraq or Afganistan. We have no idea what to do once we invade. We are horrible invaders and the world is a mess wherever we get involved in more than a behind-the-scenes fashion.

So don’t worry about China. Worry about how you can contribute to the ever tightening relationship the two largest powers will have. They are two twin stars orbiting each other. Make sure you create a shadow in their refracted and prismed light.