Do you think the main problem in the world is about money?

Do you think the main problem in the world is about money? –@PriscillaPWood

ANSWER: No. I think the main problem in the world is that many people blame their problems on money.

Money actually solves our money problems.

But even then, it would be good to reduce our money problems.

Here’s some sample money problems:

A) I can’t pay the mortgage on a big house.

B) I think girls won’t like me unless I have a lot of money.

C) I think I’m “safe” if I have a lot of money. And some people even confuse safety with immortality. I know I do.

So we have a lot of problems that we can solve that will reduce our money problems.

You mention “the world” in your question so you aren’t just asking if money will solve your personal problems.

Money cures disease. Money feeds the poor.

But the problem is the middleman. When we allocate money to a country but the leader (who is really just the middleman between US money and the poor in that country) is corrupt. When companies need money but Wall Street is veering too much towards the Dark Side.

Money is not the problem but corrupt greed is. But society is made up of individuals. First you have to solve the problems you have about money. And then you become an example to others. If each person solves their issues about money, then the world will be abetter place and money will be a force used for good.

Unfortunately, this won’t happen. But you should still start with yourself, don’t worry about the world, and use money as a force for the good it wants to do.