Do you have a support group you meet regularly?

Albena Mitkov ‏@albenakm: you are just fabulous! do you have a support group you meet regularly? are you willing to come to ct to meet one? would be honored


I don’t meet with any kind of support group BUT I am planning on doing a weekend workshop at Kripalu which is sort of like a spiritual resort hotel.

Here’s the link to the retreat:

Basically, everyone gets there Friday. There will be dinner (I think) and I’ll give a talk and some Q&A.

Then Saturday morning, Claudia will teach a basic yoga class which will include some breathing/pranayama exercises.

Then I will give a talk about the relationship between entrepreneurship and spirituality. Can one be spiritual, secular, and successful all at the same time?

A break at that point will include some worksheets to fill out. Then the afternoon for Q and A and some discussion of the role of meditation in society. At night, a discussion of meditation and the role of meditation (if there is any) in our society. Then some silent time until the morning on Sunday.

Then Sunday, yoga and breathing again and a little bit of meditation. Then more Q&A, group workshops, and talks from me.

I’m a bit nervous about it. I’ve given lots of talks before but haven’t done the weekend retreat thing. I’m looking forward to being a little out of my comfort zone and seeing what happens.