Do you believe in God? If so, which?

Robbie Laney ‏@robbielaney: Do you believe in God? If so, which?


Unfortunately the word “God” has been bastardized. It started off as one thing and then it’s gone through the religion grinder, the New Age grinder, the self-help grinder, the atheist grinder, the science grinder, and what’s come out is a cartoon character of an old man with infinite power who gets angry sometimes.

But yes. I believe that I am God. And so are you. The universe loves to create. Ever since the Big Bang all the Universe has done is create. It created a bang, it created dust, and stars, and galaxies and planets and life forms and brains. All of these atoms stuck together in trillions of miraculous ways that created consciousness. It created you and me.

We are experiments. The universe wants to try something. So it sliced a piece off of itself and made you. It made me. Eventually we go back. And it/we keep making things. Forever.

It’s one big toy. And each toy is brought to life via the breath of god. Including you and me. The breath brings us to life. The exhale brings us back Home. Where we will all go? How do I know? I don’t. But try for just a second to say, “whose body is this?” Then, “whose thoughts are these?” Then, “who is the one asking this question?” And go down that rabbit hole as deep as you can. Do that every day. Somewhere in there, infinitely deep into that rabbit hole, is that initial breath that created everything, that is the only thing inside of everything that exists, including you and me, just different reflections in the same mirror.