Do all successful people have high levels of energy?

Mason Gentry ‏@mtgentry81: Do all successful people have high levels of energy? If so, is it innate?


I don’t think it’s true that successful people have a high level of energy.

But look at many successful people and you will find huge periods where they were just silent. Even Steve Jobs took years YEARS off after leaving Apple. And when he came back to Apple he delegated almost every aspect of the job so he could slow down and focus on only the things he was good at.

Only from silence, contemplation, reading, looking, observing, can you drill for the inner resources that result in springs of creativity. Success is better categorized by resilience than energy. And resilience doesn’t require constant motion. Very often it requires hibernation, an ability to back off and say, “I can’t handle this so I’m going to think for awhile”.

Think of it in terms of the universe. The universe is mostly empty. Think about an atom. Imagine a giant stadium. The electrons are the outer end of the stadium. The nucleus, the center of the atom, is like a pea sitting at the center of the stadium. The rest is completely empty. And yet this emptiness creates all the matter in the universe. Creates everything you see.

Silence + emptiness leads to…genius? I don’t know. But it will lead to meandering, to thoughts wandering, to wondering, to curiousity. Without that silence you will be busy busy busy. Too busy to do the important things that lights your brain on fire. Too busy to wonder about your next idea, too busy to wonder how the world works. You will have no emptiness in your life. You will have nothing with which to create your own universe.

It’s only when your energy is low that the mysteries within can be solved. It’s almost Fall right now and where I live the trees start to change colors. It’s only by stopping and looking at them without judging, labeling, without the mind whirring away, do you see the myriad of beautiful colors that the trees change into, a spectrum from life to death that begins in the summer and ends sometime in the fall. The success of nature that slowly unravels throughout this region and this part of the year.

The people who have too much energy are too much at risk for burning out fast. And burning out without having any new ideas to keep the engine going. Will this be you? Then you are truly stopped, and with nowhere to go. The car has stalled. Your body and mind have forced you to wait.

You will keep your engine going and drive a long way if you allow yourself to have low energy, to meander, to look at the trees change color, to delegate the things you aren’t good at, to read the things you need to recharge and learn, to stop and do nothing so your subconscious can send the messages it needs from far, far away, and finally, so you can stop in your journey and pick up new things along the way.

Try it in a small way. Try this: Every day, just stop. Stop worrying about what he or she said. Stop trying to solve a problem. Stop trying to be a hero. Or a salesman. Or a product evangelist. Stop trying to be happy. Or to make a relationship work. Or to be a good father. Or mother. Just stop for twenty minutes. No more. Do nothing. Not even meditation. Don’t do anything. Then take a deep breath. Begin to label things again. Your battery has been recharged. Live your life and succeed.