Did you really hit rock bottom? I know the TDP got you out. What was the spark inside you to start that change?

Kunal ‏@pkunal2: Did you really hit rock bottom? I know the TDP got you out. What was the spark inside you to start that change?


Everybody’s rock bottom is different. I’ve probably had three different rock bottoms in the past 15 years. Each one had different characteristics, but all had similar roots: insecurity, addictions of some form or other, money issues, going broke, family issues, relationship issues, trust issues.

But when I say I hit “rock bottom” I do mean ROCK BOTTOM. I think in your use you might mean “financial”. I’ve been poor and cool with it and poor where it was the worst thing ever and if I didn’t meet expenses I would just simply implode. I had zero dollars in the bank after having millions. I called a close relative who I had given 100s of thousands of dollars to just a few years earlier and asked for money to get through a weekend just in case an emergency happened. They said “no” and started screaming at me about what a loser I was. I hung up the phone. Six months later one of them was basically dead and I never really had a chance to say good-bye. Rock bottom is beyond bad. It’s underwater until the point you can’t breathe anymore and you feel like everything inside you will burst open.

Once you hit rock bottom once you’re always in a partial state of rock-bottom. You start to constantly fear it can happen again. But it was only bumping across that bottom a few more times that I managed to realize what it takes to move out of it, to look forward, and to invite abundance and happiness into life.

The key is to take a step back and it’s subtle. You can BE at rock bottom. Or you can take a step back and say, “I feel like I’m at rock bottom”. It’s hard to do that. It takes practice. But once you can do that you compartmentalize it. You acknowledge the feeling, push it over to the side, and begin the Daily Practice of improving yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You ignite the fire within, so you’re able to see the wonder and abundance that is waiting for you. Pick just simple goals at first in each of those categories. Sleep 8+ hours, for instance. Don’t be around negative people. Write down ideas or read a book. And try a relaxation exercise for 10 minutes a day. That’s all. Then write down a mental “X” in your head. You did it! (If you want to do it online, try tdp.me).

Once you persist in doing those goals each day, make the goals a little harder. Write down 20 ideas instead of 10. Exercise every day. Relax for 30 minutes a day. Reserve judgments on people you think have wronged you that constantly swim inside of your head. And always acknowledge that that feeling of “rock bottom” is just that- a feeling. It’s not who you really are.

You are an impassioned person, a person with tears, a person who wants to succeed, a good person, a person who wants better in life for yourself and those around you. With the persistence to light that internal fire you will get there. And the concept of “rock bottom” will have proved to be your best mentor.