Cure for worst-ever writer’s block?

alyce byrd craddock ‏@alycecraddock: Help! Need a cure for worst-ever writer’s block!!


You need 10 Ways to Get Rid of Writers Block RIGHT NOW

Here’s two of the ways I mention:

D) Start in the middle. This is the best technique on the list and will always work IF you have a topic already. The other day I was writing one of those “7 Things I Learned from X” sort of posts. I was staring at a blank screen. I couldn’t figure out the intro. So I said to myself, “how about I just start with the list.” So I wrote how the word “1) Honesty” and then I couldn’t think of what to say underneath honesty so I went to #2 , then #3, etc. Now I had a list of seven things but no descriptions/reasons for each item and NO intro and NO conclusion. But I also had NO PROBLEM. Because the content was done. So I just filled in the blanks like a game of Mad Libs.

E) Start with the blood. This only applies if you have a topic. I wrote a few months ago “5 things I learned from Isaac Asimov.” Or maybe “10 things”. I forget. But when I think about Asimov and me the first line that stands out is, “The first time the police were ever called to get me was when I was 15.” From there I have a story and will lead into the 5 things, particularly when I follow “D” above.”