College: worth it?

Robert Mingione ‏@RobMingione: College: worth it?


I have to say I’m almost a little upset now. In 2006 I first wrote in the Financial Times that college was not worth it – to the student or the parents. Everyone laughed at me. I got death threats. Ditto for 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Now, all of a suddent, it has become acceptable to talk about the worthlessness of college. Because everything I have been saying has come through: college students simply can’t pay down their debt.

The other day I went to NYU with a camera crew from PBS. I interviewed students and graduates about their college experience, their debt, how they will pay it, was it worth it. Stay tuned for the video any day. Suffice to say, the result is very enlightening.

But, even before you do that: check out my book on the top: 40 Alternatives to College. These alternatives are not only better than college, more worth it than college, but will give you the life experience you need to compete, succeed, and be happy.