Can you talk more about why you added fun to daily practice?

Kamal Ravikant ‏@kamalravikant: Can you talk more about why you added fun to daily practice?



First, in summary: I wrote a post about “The Daily Practice”. My theory is that we are not just one physical body with a heart that pumps blood and oxygen to the rest of the body. My theory is that we are four bodies, all need to be nourished, all need to have their virtual blood flowing not only up and down themselves but through each other. Any blockage and you will find suffering, depression, lack of ability to complete work, lack of ability to be happy. The bodies are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. I describe how to develop them slowly and surely in the above post and in my book, “I Was Blind But Now I See”.

Kamal, though, is referring to which is a pre-pre-pre release version of a site I intend to release where people, for free, can track their progress in The Daily Practice and also participate in a community of like-minded people. In there, I not only include the ablility to add goals for each category (body) but I include a “Fun” category.

Thing of an egg. An egg is called the perfect meal. An egg has a lot of protein, few calories, little fat, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. An egg and an apple and you have a total meal.

What parts of life that can be considered Fun also nourish simultaneously all four of the bodies mentioned above. Any ideas in the comments are welcome. I’ve been trying to think of this list. Yoga is certainly one. Tango classes, believe it or not, is one. Its physical, its emotional (you are dancing with someone you hopefully like), it’s mental (it’s hard to keep track!), it’s spiritual (you have to learn to surrender to the steps, to the other person, to your own insecurities). What are others? Certainly laughter is one. Laughter keeps you in the present moment and has numerous health, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.

What are others? Fun is often the best way to acommplish every aspect of The Daily Practice. Tell me more fun things that are like “the egg”