Can wisdom be taught?

Priscilla P. Wood ‏ @PriscillaPWood: Can wisdom be taught?


Wisdom CANNOT be taught. But ignorance can be unlearned.

Think of all the major life decisions we are taught to not even think about: school, college, owning a home, having babies, getting married, western medicine, voting, and on and on. We make these major life decisions without even thinking about them. And then we end up on the deep shit side of the swimming pool.

People make decisions on these matters without thinking. Without adding up the numbers. And then what happens. At fifty they are unhappy. At 60 they kill themselves.

Start to question everything you’ve been taught. Realize the ignorance in many of the things you learned. You came into the world already with wisdom. Now you have to spend as much of your life as possible unlearning the ignorance that has clouded over that wisdom.

How do you “unlearn” ignorance:

– stop reading news

– exercise every day. sleep 8+ hours a day, eat well (every atom on your body ultimately comes from what you put into your body)

– be around positive people

– be an idea machine

– be grateful every day for the small, tiny life we all have.

Wisdom is simply unlearning the ignorance.