I Wish I Had A Brother Because…

I wish I had a brother who I looked up to.

I wish my brother and I went to different schools and slowly grew apart over the years and that made us sad.

I wish we made a pact to send each other a YouTube video about our lives every week so we can re-learn about each other.

I wish then that millions of people would start following those videos.

Then I wish my brother would write the books “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns” (oh, and turn them into movies) because I like those books.

Then I wish I could change the shape of online education with yet more YouTube channels that I set up called “Crash Course”.

Of course, if all my wishes came true, I’d be the insanely creative Hank Green and my brother would be John Green.

I lived vicariously through Hank when I interviewed him for my podcast.

But what was really great was my daughter Mollie listening. She actually didn’t believe that I ever spoke to anyone she could relate to and now here was HANK GREEN.

(Uhhh. Mollie….Coolio?)

And once more, if I were Hank Green, I’d say some of these great quotes attached to this article.

In fact, because I steal, I am going to say one of his quotes out loud right now and whenever I want and never give him credit for it after this moment.

“We are all differently broken, semi-functional, love machines”.

Yes please.

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