The Choose Yourself Meetup Map (How To Find Your "Scene")

The best way to “choose yourself” is to help others. There’s never in history been such a thing as people doing it by themselves. There are no “lone geniuses”.

The other day I mentioned come creative pairs. I’ll mention more:

George Lucas and Marcia Lucas (Marcia was the editor on Star Wars and is the only “Lucas” to win an Oscar). Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg. Watson and Crick (DNA).

The “lone genius” is a myth. Part of choosing yourself means you get to choose your scene. Means you HAVE to choose your scene. Because that catapults your emotional health.

And it’s not just a pair either. Lennon/McCartney had Harrison and Starr (not to mention their managers, etc). Bill Gates / Paul Allen had Steve Ballmer and the dozen or so people in the initial launch of Microsoft.

And it’s not just a small group either. There’s the massive industries and then society itself that confers it’s blessing on the people who choose themselves and create and bring things to the world that solve problems and demonstrate value.

How do you find your scene? How do you find the people to share ideas with? How do you find people who are also trying to improve 1% per day on physical emotional mental and spiritual health?

You go out and meet them. You find partners there. You share there. You network there. You find friends there.

My best moments in the past year is when I’ve gone out of my way to meet new friends and partners. What bliss it has been for someone shy like me.

Meetups have been happening all over the world in the past few months. Here’s where meetups are currently being organized. You can start one and you’ll network and help people and meet like-minded people.

Or you can go to one of the meetups on this map. Or join the FB group (cc Choose Yourself) where meetups are being formed. The beauty of this is that it is happening without me. People are choosing themselves to create these opportunities to define their scene.

Once you find your scene, you grow up with them. You solve problems with them. You create art and innovation and magic and change the world with them.


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