What Keeps Us In Prison?

I can’t speak for others. But I have 47 years experience of being stuck with me.

  • Fear of people not liking me.
  • Fear of losing money.
  • Who am I? sort of feeling. Sort of like an imposter syndrome. And everyone will know.
  • Fear I’ll make a decision that hurts someone.
  • There are a lot of people better than me.
  • I have to keep doing what people already like.
  • My daughters might read this.
  • Will I make a fool of myself?
  • Am I already crazy and people just don’t know it yet.

These aren’t fake fears. This is what happens.

Probably many other things. Probably things I won’t even admit to myself because I’m so afraid of them.

We all want to live “the Dream”. The American Dream. Our parent’s dream. Our school’s dreams. Our government’s dream. Media’s dream. Our boss’s dreams. Our partner’s dreams. Our secret dreams built from the compounded effect of 10,000 media messages a day.

“THE DREAM” is a prison. It’s someone else’s dreams for us. Every bar on the prison cell, another dream.

I don’t want to live the dream. I want to wake up right now. Maybe it’s sunny outside.

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