How You Can Actually Help During the Coronavirus

The main conversations in the media (and on social media) seem to be:

  • How many people will die?
  • How should we stock up in case of shortages?
  • How can we protect ourselves?
  • How will the economy be affected?
  • What is the difference between this and other pandemics?
  • Will we be overrun by people needing beds?!
  • The second derivative of cases in South Korea.
  • “Trump!!!!’ …. “Obama!!!”

In other words, “ME, ME, ME, ME!”

But, let’s prove that a community of good people can help where help is needed.

Many people are losing jobs or short-term income opportunities due to the virus.

For instance, SXSW was cancelled. Hundreds or even thousands of people lost short-term gigs that they were dependent on. Once-a-year gigs that they will not have this year.

Lots of events like this have been cancelled. is tracking the people who have lost income due to these cancellations.

They do due diligence to make sure those people really lost their jobs.

Each person posts their Venmo, cash app, etc.

As an individual, it’s hard to make a difference. Millions in income have been lost.

But as a group, we can help these people. Even just a tiny bit. It adds up.

THIS is what transfer of income should look like.

Not when the government takes your money and then allocates it according to their own whims. I agree with some ways government allocates but I disagree with other ways.

The role of government is to help people who are too weak to help themselves. I agree with that.

But it is even more effective to do it as a community and this is one of those rare opportunities where it is relatively easy to do without too much effort.

Again, check out I have no affiliation but I see a lot of people there who need help.

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