Good or Bad: Monogamy

Strong opinions are like a disease. You get one, then your friends get the same one (else, according to the rules of groupthink they are no longer friends) and so on.

I hate opinions. There always seems to be someone smarter than me who has the opposite opinion.

But I’m skeptical. And I like to know things. And think. And learn. And study. AND be entertained. And laugh.

I’m launching a new podcast soon with my friend and bestselling author A.J. Jacobs called GOOD or BAD.

We take topics—dogs, monogamy, cars, government, billionaires, tipping, democracy, cosmetic surgery, etc.—and argue:

“Is this good or bad?”

Sometimes we have a conclusion. Sometimes not.

Here is a teaser for one of the episodes: GOOD or BAD: Monogamy.

If you have suggestions for “good or bad” topics, please let me know in the comments.

Or, if you have opinions on monogamy, leave them in the comments and I hope we read out some comments in the episode.


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