How to get Warren Buffett to work for you for free

Imagine being able to peek over the shoulder of a great investor like Warren Buffett. Just imagine what you’d see…

Better yet, imagine having the entire Buffett organization “working for you” to help you make smart investment decisions.

How much would that type of support cost?

You might be surprised, actually.

Because there’s a little known way to get knowledge like this, the financial secrets of some of the smartest investment minds ever, for nothing.

That’s not a typo.

In my new video, I explain how to do it. It’s actually the first of his 10 most important rules you need to know about investing.

With a little bit of study, you can actually transform Warren Buffett into your “free employee.”

I explain how, plus the other nine rules on page 232 of my new book, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. It’s a contrarian, politically incorrect approach to making it in 2015 and beyond.

You can actually get a copy of this book at no cost to you. I don’t know how long this will be available, so make sure you take a look at it now.

Get the details here.


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