7 Links About Creativity I Enjoyed This Morning

A) The 10 best images on the Internet during 2010. ‘Sad Keanu Reeves’ hit the #1 spot.

B) How famous creators (from Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs) : got their start. Great TED presentation by the artist Rag KK but also some good stories from Bob Dylan and others.

C) You don’t need to write a 1500 page book to be considered a great writer. 7 tiny books that packed a big punch. This is interesting to me as I plan on self-publishing a book and I always thought the 60,000 words that most publishers require is way too much. Most books that are published should really just be articles (and most articles in magazines should just be bullet points).

D) Knowing when to defriend someone. Friendship should always be a weeding process I feel. Some friends move you up, some bring you down. If a friend is perpetually bringing you down (and can’t seem to get out of the rut) then you need to move on. I think. But this article has some good suggestions on this.

E) An interview with Magnus Carlsen, the number one chess player in the world at the age of 19. Interesting that he says “being too intelligent could be a burden” and may actually be a detriment to being good at something like chess. Is it possible without talent and intelligence to be among the best in the world at something? Also, everyone talks about persistence in terms of getting good at something. What if you don’t start at the age of 5. What if you start at the age of 40? Can you still get good?

F) Roger Ebert declares that “Idiot with a tripod” is the first youtube video ever thats worthy of an Oscar. In his column he explains why.

G) 5 best books about comedy, by a standup comedian. I agree with this list but also liked Mock Stars about indie comedy and my all-time favorite Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Also, when looking at these books on Amazon I got inspired enough to buy Here’s the kicker: conversations with 21 comedy writers and

Comic Insights. I also highly recomend Comedian a documentary about Jerry Seinfeld’s “comeback tour”.

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