13 Myths COVID-19 Is Shining Its Light On

COVID-19 has shown us what the myths of society are and now they are quickly unraveling. Here are 13 myths that COVID-19 is shining its light on:

MYTH: Owning a home will give you “roots.”

Many people have left their homes, or stopped paying their mortgage, taxes or rent. We’ll see who truly “owns” these houses afterward and who even wants to return.

MYTH: College is the best way to get learning and then a job.

Well, colleges have sent kids home, refused to return tuition and rent, and online college courses are worse than the online schools. Good bye college, we hardly knew ya.

MYTH: Getting married means you aren’t alone.

During this time of quarantine, calls to divorce lawyers have surged 50–100%. “In sickness and health” didn’t take into account that sickness might mean forced isolation with each other.

MYTH: Having kids is the purpose of life.

I love my kids. But rise in child abuse during this lockdown is a horrific thing. Doctors are reporting they have never seen this many calls about child abuse. I hope this HORRIBLE thing is factored in when we look back at this. 

MYTH: My family is “my family.”

Tell that to many of the people locked in with their family for many weeks now. I’m sure many wish they had a different family. And, again, domestic abuse is on the rise. Stop hanging around toxic people after this is over. Life is short.

MYTH: You have to be dishonest to be successful.

“Success” in today’s environment doesn’t mean money. It means ability to deal with increasing uncertainty. How one measures success after this is over is how one was able to master this uncertainty.

MYTH: Giving to “charity” means you are charitable.

There are hundreds of ways to help others. Volunteering has gone up. And donations to GoFundMes for people who are struggling. Service to others is the best way to reduce the stress of isolation. Give as an instinct.

MYTH: We need to vote to change the world.

People arguing all day on social media in the foolish hope that a mind will be changed show that most only care about being heard and not real change. BE the change you want to see in the world and that is worth more than a vote.

MYTH: Procrastination is bad.

Time is on our side during this lockdown. Maybe procrastination means you need time to find other interests that you can develop and eventually monetize rather than going back to a cubicle job (human domestication program) that fired you. 

MYTH: Needing little sleep is good for productivity.

Some productivity gurus have claimed this for years. Clearly sleep is one of the main boosters of the immune system, which is so desperately needed right now.

MYTH: Humans are smarter NOW than 40,000 years ago.

Compare: 40,000 years ago, a human knew EVERY fruit, animal, predator, and plant within a five-mile radius. Today, people call each other “libtards” and “fascists” on Twitter all day long. Then they watch “Tiger King.”

MYTH: Experts are always right.

Scientists at Harvard initially thought worldwide deaths could be as high as 140 million. What?? So clearly wrong and yet we shut down the entire world economy, which has led to tragic situations for tens of millions of people.

MYTH: Money solves all of your money problems.

Money is useless now. What does exist is your internal strength, your ability to be a beacon for those stuck in the fog. Your ability to rise above and spread common sense to those who are struggling to understand.

Any others?

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