What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

I’m trying a new thing that’s important to me.

There’s constant fear mongering on tons of issues.

When Iran got in the news, my kids were worried it was the end of the world and they would be drafted.

So I did a podcast with an expert (as opposed to a spectator on Facebook shouting into an echo machine) and I helped calm people down.

I did this for Iran. For automation and AI. And I did it about the coronavirus today!

So many times I see common-sense turn people into animals. I want my podcast to help bring people the truth and help people calm down.

I don’t know what went wrong with me.

Saturday night I had some sort of panic in my head about coronavirus. I went to bed around 11 p.m. and just got into a panic until 7 a.m. I couldn’t sleep at all.

I worried about:

  • Are 60 million people going to die?
  • Is the world economy going to crash worse than ever before?
  • Is everyone going out of business because people can’t get parts from China?
  • Is China building a super-disease that is weaponized and now it’s’ too late?
  • Will everyone in the world be exposed to the disease within the next few months?
  • What is the real fatality rate? The math wasn’t making sense in the news.
  • What’s the cure? Where’s a vaccine? How do we STOP THIS???
  • How does it actually get transmitted? Will the WORLD ERUPT IN FLAMES? WILL BANKS CLOSE, RIOTS, HOSPITALS, MEDICINE???!!! ETC. ETC.

So I called up one of the top experts in the world. The smartest guy I knew on the planet about immunology and pandemics.

And he answered all my questions. And I calmed down. And I felt better. And I recorded it for my podcast.

Listen to it.

But now I have a migraine.

In any case: I just put out the ultimate podcast to learn the ups, downs, and reality of the 2020 coronavirus, right from the beginning.

The truth. Not the BS.

I calmed down.

Here it is…

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