8 Ways to be Constantly Improving

One day I decided to do stand-up comedy in the Subway.

I was scared. We got on the subway. I told the person videotaping it to forget it. No way!

“But,” I said, “Turn on the camera anyway”.

She did and I started doing the worst standup. And everyone hated me. Except a few. (“Is this the 6-and-a-half train to Hogwarts?” and some little children laughed. Or when I tried to do pull-ups on the bar.)

Every day I try to do a “dare of the day”.

Every day go a little further outside your comfort zone.

Get scared.

Say the opinion that is your truth. Don’t care if people will hate it.

Say “yes” to a talk if you are afraid of public speaking. Contact the person you lost touch with.

Ask out your secret crush.

One exercise: next time you buy a coffee ask for 10% off. Don’t give a reason.

What are some other small ways to push the boundaries of comfort? Tell me.

Give us some “dares of the day”.

This, plus what’s said in this image below, is how I improve myself every day. This cleans the plate for opportunity to be served.

I know this because I feel very blessed. It’s hard work to get opportunity. It’s painful. It’s suffering. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it.

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