Batman or Spiderman?

Batman or spiderman? –@GonzaloGandia

Normally I don’t like to answer personal questions (because they might not be interesting to anyone othert than me) like this BUT: this is an interesting one.

Most people would say “Batman” because he built himself up without having any powers at all and became a kick-ass superhero. However, several things are very important about the batman story:

A) Batman started off super-rich, which gives its own form of superpowers right from the beginning

B) Batman had a track record of putting young people into tiny shorts and serious danger (the young Dick Grayson / Robin)

C) Batman was so emotionally screwed up because of his parents’ deaths that he was never able to have a normal relationship with a woman or any friend really. Instead, perhaps his main romance was with Catwoman, who was mostly emotionally unavailable to him and was also a criminal.

Now let’s take Spiderman.

– Peter Parker was me (and perhaps you). A nerdy, shy, kid with glasses that was picked on by the cool kids, who wanted to get the girl but didn’t know how.

– Peter Parker had to balance the challenges of real life (making money, having relationships, studying for school, etc) with the responsibility he chose to take on (helping people).

– Peter Parker constantly had the media against him. Bruce Wayne rarely did.

– Peter Parker got his powers from a mis-use of radioactive material. As did the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and many other heroes created in the 60s. With the rise of the nuclear age, we must always be wary of misuse of powers we don’t understand. Even with the cybernetic extensions to our personality that social media provides we must never forget that “with great power comes great responsibility” and that the challenge of remaining human in the onslaught of technology must remain utmost in our minds.