Are beaks from social media a good thing?

Andrew Ferri ‏ @Andrew_Ferri I’m stepping away from Twitter until Monday. Are beaks from social media a good thing?


Breaking from anything is good. For the past week I’ve stopped coffee. It feels good to break patterns. I may take it up later. i don’t like to make things permanent. Why? Because we’re human and nothing is permanent.

Here’s the benefits of social media:

A) its always good to be around positive inspiring people.

B) 100 years ago we could only be around the people who lived near us.

C) Now we can find inspiring people in the 800 million people who joined the social media age. If we use social media correctly we can improve our lives, we can be around better people, we can learn from them, we can be friends with them.

Like you, Andrew. I feel I’ve known you and Abby for the past year. I don’t really know you guys. I barely know what you look like . But I feel we are all friends.

But a break from anything is good. Particularly when your body is telling you it’s starting to feel addictive qualities inside. Then you take a break until you feel better. Like any illness. You because you get sick sometimes in the world, doesn’t mean you leave the world forever.